BBA BCA BCOM BSC Tuition Classes in Himachal Pradesh

Gyan Sagar Institute Dharmshala, has come up with expert faculty to help the graduation students with all their subjects and syllabus. The Institute has put utmost prudence in hiring the faculty and the experts of the subjects have been hired so that they able to help the students in the best manner. Each and every teacher has mastered its respective subject which helps them guide the students with the best possible ways. Gyan Sagar Institute Dharmshala takes care of the tuition in a way that it is most suitable to the students. The syllabus is covered in a way, which makes student comfortable and makes the learning interesting for them. Gyan Sagar Institute Guidance BBA BCA BCOM BSC Tuition Classes in Himachal Pradesh.

Each student is dealt exclusively to let them get the best of the tuition. The Module is set such, that the syllabus is covered in a way that every student gets to learn with ease and comfort. The Institute has a very unique teaching pattern. We believe in group study which still deals every student exclusively. Group studies let you learn quickly and better. It gets you aware with the competitive spirit and motivates each other. Gyan Sagar Institute Dharmshala,is therefore considered to be the best Institute in Himachal for tuitions of BBA BCA BCOM BSC Tuition Classes in Himachal Pradesh.

The education field has seen a great development and hence a lot of options have been brought to candidates which they choose as per their interests. After schooling, the graduation has also given different options to students to explore according to their streams. The basic of them are BSc for science, BCom for commerce and BBA and for business, BCA for Computer students. All of them come with different set of subjects covering different syllabus.

The students actually need guidance to learn all of this with ease and without much trouble. The syllabus covered under all these courses is of a difficult level; this is why students find themselves it difficult sometimes to do it on their own. So, it is always good to seek some help and guidance.

Syllabus covered under different courses and programme:

BBA– Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year bachelor’s degree program for business students. The syllabus for this might vary slightly from college to college but mostly the subjects remain same only:

  1. Marketing Management
  2. Principles and Practice of Management
  3. Economics
  4. Financial Management
  5. Accounts
  6. Business Taxation
  7. Quantitative Techniques
  8. Entrepreneurship
  9. Human Resource Management
  10. Management Information System (MIS)
  11. Computer Science (CS)
  12. International Business
  13. Business Communications


BSC is an undergraduate Science programme. It helps students to master any of the subjects they want. The different subjects in that this programme is available are:

  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Maths
  • Biochemistry
  • Botany
  • Computer science
  • Economics
  • Environmental science
  • Zoology

BCOM is an Undergraduate Commerce programme. The general subjects’ studies under BCOM are:

  • Accountancy
  • Statistics
  • Cost accounts
  • Law
  • Management
  • Human resources
  • Computers
  • Economics
  • English
  • Marketing
  • Finance

GyanSagar Institute Dharmshala, provides coaching for all these subjects and the syllabus covered under them.

Why choose Gyan Sagar Institute Dharamshala?

  • We have the best faculty
  • We have the best infrastructure
  • We have a dedicated Coaching pattern
  • We have excellent study material
  • Regular mock tests to assess the performance of the students